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发布时间: 2019年03月31日 10:16:00 作者: 佚名 在线投稿


On this day of national celebration, on behalf of our indestructible friendship for many years, I would like to extend my sincerest greetings to you. I hope all the old friends are well. Don't forget to keep in touch with each other regularly.


Today is National Day, they all say that today should be a day of celebration, but I don't care whether other people are really happy, I just hope you can be happy after seeing my information.


I don't know when you just heard the voice of the text message. I feel very nervous. You don't know if you'd like to accept my invitation to have dinner with me?


Don't think you are cool, in fact, I feel like vomiting at the sight of you; don't think you are handsome, in fact, I want to kick you! Don't think you're very alone. In fact, I've been reassuring you all the time! Happy National Day!


Thumb press, brain flying, blessing, text message guest, sincere blessing, be sure to accept, unlimited communication, keep the connection. Happy National Day!


Brilliant fireworks blossom, joyful songs fly, my blessings quietly come to you in the white moonlight. Thank you for your happiness every festival. Blessing my friends on National Day.


Often have appointments, that means good length; often go shopping, that means good money; often go to dinner, that means good friendship; often receive text messages, that someone misses. National Day is coming. I wish you a good holiday.


National Day is coming again. May my best wishes bring you warmth and make your world no longer regrettable. Have a good time, eat safely, and have a good time. In a word, everything goes well.


What gift do you give me for National Day? In fact, a smile is enough, such as a glass of wine, like a gentle breeze, this is the most moving declaration, like spring, warm and elegant.


The earth is full of song and flowers, and the sun and the moon are flying in celebration of the National Day. I Miss flying greetings, but I don't say enough. Success soars with good luck, happy dancing with safety. Message Feihong conveys blessings, happiness dances countless music.


Who are willing to reject and give up the happiness in life. In fact, happiness is within our reach, as long as you gently thrust, it will accompany you forever.! Good mood and happy holidays for National Day!


Pick a thousand stars to illuminate your future; plant a thousand roses to intoxicate your mood; fold a thousand paper cranes to fly your joy; find a thousand reasons to make you happy and peaceful; say a thousand sentences to wish you a happy reunion on National Day!


National Day, I wish the nest flying out of the auspicious birds, water cube leaping out of the Longmen carp, bring you auspicious, bring you peace, bring you wealth, luck, luck, peach blossom luck, bring you a good future, a happy life, a happy holiday.


National Day is approaching. Best wishes to be reported in advance. I hope you get a raise without working overtime, happy and well paid. No complaints, only money, no worries, only happiness. Eat whenever you want, sleep whenever you want, and close your mouth when you receive your blessings.


I wish you every happiness in your family, every success in your work, your boss is very satisfied with you, your love journey is smooth, and your friends are as good as ever. In a word, I wish you every happiness!


National Day is approaching, I don't want to give you too much care, just give you 50 million: be happy, be healthy, be safe, be rich, don't forget me. Wish: Happy National Day!


I don't know how long my life is, how many fates nobody knows. It doesn't matter how far this road is. We just need our hearts to rely on, and we don't feel it is too far. Happy National Day!


I wish the motherland prosperity and prosperity and early reunification. I also wish you happiness, well-being and good luck, as soon as possible to achieve your wish.


Hongtu exhibition in Shenzhou, carries on the world's number of stories! The mainstay is still high, the people of Cathay and Thailand will live forever in Anqing! The grandfathers united in prosperity! Rich country and strong people can not be deceived! Congratulations from all walks of life. Every year is peaceful and peaceful forever!


When you see this blessing I give you, please hit your head against the wall, see no, the countless stars in front of you are my infinite blessings, happy National Day!


Ask me how much I love you, the ocean will tell you how true I love you, and the moon will tell you how much I want your text message to tell you if I don't believe it? Then make a phone call and listen to me personally wishing you a happy National Day!


Long ago, human beings found that fate is really wonderful. When you met me online, our meeting was the classic. Let's meet on National Day, OK?


I wish my blessing is a stream, quietly flowing in the hearts of my lover, endless; I wish my concern is the Maple Leaf, gently shaking the breath of autumn, blowing greetings to my lover, happy National Day!


I'm in charge of beauty and glamour, and you're in charge of making money. You can fall in love with others, but don't let me find out. If I find out, hum, rat medicine cooks noodles for you! Haha, Happy National Day!


Light frost flying is a silvery chrysanthemum, writing the autumn sky is a moonlight, warm heart is a touch of love, the relationship of this life is a lifetime love. Looking forward to meeting you on National Day!


May your troubles follow the wind, blow to the sky, be happy and blow to you face to face. Daoshun, Renshun and everything goes smoothly. Hello, hello, everybody. Happy National Day.


What gift do you give me for National Day? In fact, a smile is enough, such as a thin glass of wine, like a gentle breeze, this is the most moving declaration, like spring, warm and elegant.


National Day holidays will soon be over, take the last to relax; shopping and playing at super speed, happy moments; friends chat and gather quickly, seize the time to tirelessly idle, holidays will be over, hip-hopping, hope you finally sleep well, dream constantly.


Like the stars in the sky, brilliant and beautiful; like the flowers in the morning, fresh and gorgeous. Friends, to experience with heart, the autumn wind will bring my blessings to you. May happiness and happiness always accompany you. May you enjoy the National Day holiday!


May you have a good mood every day during the National Day holidays and have a sweet dream every night, so that you can be cared for and cared for by others all the time! Dreams come true, happiness!


There is a kind of concern that comes unasked; there is a tacit understanding that can not be replaced; there is a kind of missing because you exist; there is a kind of loneliness called waiting; there is a kind of silence that is not forgotten; there is a kind of friend who always cares for you! Happy National Day!


National Day celebrations are celebrated throughout the country. It is an honor for you and me to work together. Here we send sincere greetings to you. I wish you the best in your achievements. I hope that our future cooperation will go up to a higher level, mutual benefit and win-win situation.


A ray of sunshine, a smile on the most ordinary day, a message of the happiest happiness, convey the most beautiful wishes for a happy National Day!


In a twinkling of an eye is this familiar National Day, my blessings are minute by minute, my concern is always around you! May my blessings float with the breeze, drift with the gentle water, reach your heart and warm our friendship.

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